Ballot Issue 1A

Arapahoe County Ballot Issue 1A asks voters to approve a tax increase of $46 million per year to pay for the construction and operation of a new jail, services for inmates, and other criminal justice expenses. It is largely backed by companies that are in the business of jail construction and services. READ MORE ››

Why Vote NO?

Supporters claim 1A is needed to prevent jail overcrowding and improve public safety, but there are more effective and less expensive ways to accomplish these goals without continuing to add to the problem of over-incarceration. We don’t need to build and fill more jail cells to be safe, and people shouldn’t have to go to jail to get access to mental health or addiction services. Ballot Issue 1A may be well-intentioned, but it is the wrong approach—Arapahoe County can do better. READ MORE ››

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Who Opposes 1A?

Ballot Issue 1A is opposed by citizens, local business owners, and organizations concerned by our society’s overuse of the criminal justice system. Rather than building more jails, we support sensible criminal justice reform that promotes prevention and treatment over incarceration.

Opponents of 1A include:

    • ACLU of Colorado
    • American Friends Service Committee
    • Colorado Black Women for Political Action
    • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
    • Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
    • Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
    • Colorado People’s Alliance
    • Interfaith Alliance of Colorado
    • Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County
    • Second Chance Center